Règles de garantie Flat-jack

If you bought your flat-jack(s) directly at us and if you received a flat-jack invoice directly from us, then you have two years of works guarantee (starting on the date of your invoice) if you can show us your invoice. This invoice is also your guarantee certificate.

You can only make a guarantee claim through the digital guarantee form on our website.


The flat-jack guarantee is subject to certain guarantee rules which we present to you here:

  • Damage that results from not following the instructions for use cannot be claimed for guarantee.
  • You can only claim guarantee if you can show us with your guarantee claim an official invoice which you received from us directly at the flat-jack delivery.
  • For flat-jacks you bought elsewhere (for example in foreign countries or at other parties which sometimes offer flat-jacks through grey import) you cannot claim guarantee at us. You will have to try to claim your guarantee at the company at which you bought your flat-jacks.
  • ATTENTION: the flat-jack guarantee cannot be claimed if you bought your flat-jack second-hand. The flat-jack guarantee is only done on first-hand flat-jacks, so even when you can show us the original invoice from us to the first owner of your flat-jacks, the guarantee is not applicable.
  • If you want to do a guarantee claim, you have the obligation to use the digital guarantee form on our website, in which you have to detail the reason of the defect of your flat-jack and the circumstances under which your flat-jack was damaged. For a fast processing of your guarantee claim, we ask you to answer the questions in the guarantee form as good as possible. Uncompletely filled out guarantee forms will not be treated.
  • After reception of your digital guarantee form, you will get a message from us about the next steps. This can be rejection of your guarantee claim or research on the product.
  • In case we decide to do research on your flat-jack, we will give you a return address. You have to send your flat-jack to this research address on your own costs, and including the copy of the invoice that you received from us when you bought the flat-jack at us.
  • Flat-jacks that are sent to our own flat-jack address (which is not the research address), will not be treated and will also not be sent back to you.

Next steps when a guarantee claim is treated and your flat-jack is researched:

  • We let your flat-jack be researched on our costs.
  • We inform you on the outcome of this research by e-mail.
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