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Flat-jack processes personal and other data in accordance with the existing legislation. In this statement (called “Privacy & Cookie Statement”) we secure the considerations regarding this statement. For a good and full operation of the website flat-jack puts cookies on your computer. We also place cookies for the registration of visitor behaviour in Google Analytics. The cookies contain anonymous information and stay on your computer for max. 2 years.


Protection of your privacy is very important for us. We only registrate data which are necessary for the processing of your order and the communication with you as buyer, so for the execution of the buying agreement of the flat-jack between you as flat-jack buyer and us as flat-jack seller. That is one of the basics of the privacy legislation which permits us to process personal data. If necessary we use your data to contact you about an order being placed by you. Address data are only used fort he sending and invoicing of products that you bought at us. If you order something on this website you are asked to give us your name, address, telephone and e-mail address. Flat-jack uses these data for the following purposes:

  • invoicing our products
  • processing of your order and informing you on the progress of the order
  • informing you on possible product recall actions or product information about the flat-jacks you bought at us
  • procuring data to third parties based on legal obligations (like VAT or fiscal tax obligations).

Flat-jack does NOT give your data to others, like commercial parties or public authorities with the objective to earn money on this.

The only party that flat-jacks shares your data with, is Mollie Payments for the digital processing of your payment fort he flat-jacks you ordered at us.


Storage of your data

Flat-jack is legally obligated to save your data (invoices from flat-jack to you, including your name, address, telephone and e-mail address) for the fiscal authorities during at minimum 7 years, the so-called fiscal obligation to save data.

After this these personal data will be destroyed. Flat-jack is active since the year 2015, so this means that the first destruction of personal data will take place from the year 2022 (in accordance with the fiscal obligation to save data).


Flat-jack uses Google Analytics for registration of visitor behaviour and for creating user statistics. This information help sus in further developing and improving our website and service. Flat-jack processes the personal data in accordance with the law and rules regarding the protection of personal data, like the Law on Protection of Personal Data in Holland and the Telecommunication Law in Holland.


The flat-jack website places cookies. Cookies are small text files that are placed by an internet page on a pc, tablet, or mobile phone. These cookies are used to make the flat-jack website work and to monitor the website visit, so flat-jack can check how many people visited the website in a certain period of time. Flat-jack uses these data only on an aggregated basis and cannot trace back these data to a pc or an individual person. Most browsers can be set in a way that cookies can (partly) not be accepted or that your are given notice, when you receive a cookie. Instructions regarding the change of the settings of your browser you can find under “Help” in the toolbar of most browsers. Notwithstanding that you can still visit the website as a visitor, it is possible that if cookies are not accepted, certain services or elements of the website do not function in an optimal way. You can set your browser in such a way that you do not receive cookies during your visit to our website. In that case it may happen that you cannot use all possibilities of our website. If you should have any questions on the Privacy Statement of flat-jack, you can use our contact form.

May 25th, 2018

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