Guarantee claim form
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    E-mail address:
    Invoice number:
    Add invoice (Max. 1 Mb – if more than 1 Mb then form will not be sent)
    Upload here the invoice for a faster treatment of your guarantee claim
    Under which circumstances did you use your flat-jack when it got damaged:
    Date of damage of your flat-jack:
    Which part of your flat-jack was damaged/where does the air go out of your flat-jack:
    - weld seam short side/ weld seam long side
    - at valve shaft below/at valve upper side (valve cap leaks)
    - damaged at the bottom side of the flat-jack
    - Otherwise, that is:
    Vehicle under which your flat-jack was placed:
    - camper
    - caravan
    - folding caravan
    - 4x4
    - Otherwise, that is:
    Brand and model of vehicle:
    What was the ground material on the spot when your flat-jack was damaged:
    - Grass or sand
    - Red/black gravel or round stones
    - Rock or river stones
    - Street brick or asphalt
    - Snow or ice
    - Otherwise, that is:
    Weather circumstances at damage moment of flat-jack:
    - dry and sunny
    - dry and cloudy
    - rain
    - hail
    - snow
    - Temperature in degrees Celsius:
    How much pressure in bar was pumped into your flat-jack when it was damaged:
    Height in cms of the inflated flat-jack at moment of damage:
    Flat jack inflated with:
    - bike pump
    - foot pump
    - mini-compressor
    - compressor
    - Otherwise, that is:
    Did you use a protection mat or plate under your flat-jack to prevent damage, like:
    - clean walk mat
    - rubber mat
    - coconut mat
    - Carpet tile
    - wooden plate
    - metal plate
    - Otherwise, that is:
    We would like to know the position of your vehicle’s tyre on the flat-jack, so we ask you to add a picture (Max. 1 Mb -if larger than 1 Mb the form will not be sent)
    Please send a photo of the situation directly after the damaging of your flat-jack, which helps us process your guarantee claim faster.

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