Company information

Flat-jack is a young company which is part of the Only Cabrios group, active with 3 companies: youngtimer car company Only Cabrios, flat-jack leveling cushions and air-jack for lifting vehicles.

Flat-jack Leveling cushions

The flat-jack leveling cushion can be used very broad: on the one hand the flat-jack levels campers, caravans and folding caravans on campings with a slope, which are common in Southern Europe and elsewhere. On the other hand the flat-jack tyre cushion can also be used as support for the car tyre during winter storage, so the car tyre does not get a flat side where it is on the ground standing for a long time at the same position. The Only Cabrios group is official works importer for the flat-jack in the countries Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, and France.

Flat-jack tyre cushion camper
Flat-jack tyre protection set – S/M/L

Only cabrios

Only Cabrios is specialised in searching, finding, delivering, restoring, and selling sporty oldtimer and youngtimer convertible cars for her clients all over Europe. The objective of Only Cabrios is: “make car lovers happy with sporty oldtimer and youngtimer convertibles”. It is a company that is born from a hobby and was gradually developed into a more and more professional company. Now it has become a modern company with very detailed knowledge about oldtimer and youngtimer convertible cars, models, qualities, prices, etc. Therefore lots of advice is given to buyers and sellers of oldtimer and youngtimer convertibles (and other sporty coupes in the meantime), and cars are sold to car lovers. The goal is not maximum sales or maximum profit, but creating maximum driving pleasure for the clients, so still like a hobby.


The air-jack is the youngest part of the Only Cabrios group. With this air-jack you can lift your vehicle (4×4, camper, caravan, van, SUV or normal car) not only on hard ground, but also on soft grounds, like mud, snow, sand, alongside the road, etc. In this way you can change a wheel anywhere when you have a flat tyre. Even in the middle of the desert you can use the air-jack to change a tyre. Or change from summer to winter tyres in front of your door by only lifting your car twice instead of four times. Ideal for on the road: never waiting anymore for the roadside assistance company, but always be self-reliant and self-supporting. A safe and independent feeling with the air-jack always in your trunk!

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