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Flat-jack tyre protection set – 4 pieces

396,00476,00 including VAT

These flat-jack tyre protection set prevents your tyres from getting square. These so-called square tyres are caused by local pressure of the vehicle weight on a small area of your tyre which is on the ground for a long time during winter storage. Square tyres can spoil your driving pleasure, because of vibrations. Flat-jack lengthens the lifespan of your car tyres by putting them in a cushion which supports the tyre.

Flat-jacks for winter storage of oldtimers, youngtimers, and sportscars are available in 3 measures:

  • Small: until tyre width 195 mm
  • Medium: until tyre width 255 mm
  • Large: until tyre width 345 mm

Example: if your tyres read 195 65 14, then your tyre width is 195 mm and you can use the flat-jack Small.


Products that will be added:

  • User instruction for flat-jack tyre protection set *

Products that will be added:

  • User instruction for flat-jack tyre protection set *


This is the flat-jack which is suitable for oldtimers, youngtimers, and sportscars in winter storage or showroom.

Advantages of flat-jack Small/Medium/Large:

  • Unique concept of flat-jack cushions: enlarges the contact surface of the tyre with the ground of 10% to 25-30% and creates a better spread of the vehicle weight pressure over the tyre, which prevents tyres from getting square.
  • Optimal thermal isolation.
  • Full lift from the ground. Also cross power is handled by the flexible flat-jack cushion. This leads to a reduction and compensation of side pressures on the whole chassis.
  • Flat-jack lengthens the lifespan of your tyres, so cost saving.
  • Easy to use: clear the ground – push or drive car on to flat flat-jacks until she is on the middle of each cushion – inflate cushions – ready!
  • High loading capacity – until even 2500 kgs per tyre cushion, so when used for vehicles with 4 wheels the loading capacity is even 10,000 kgs of vehicle weight.
  • Light-weight: a flat-jack is only around 600 grams (Small 480g/Medium 590g/Large 690g)
  • Flat-jack has a centering help (yellow arrow halfway the long sides).
  • Guarantee 2 years.


  • Complete set of 4 flat-jacks in measure of your choice (Small/Medium/Large)

Additional information


Small – tires up to 195 mm, Medium – tires up to 255 mm, Large – tires up to 345mm

Garantie voorwaarden

You enjoy a 2 year guarantee on material and construction faults on your flat-jack. You will have to treat the flat-jack according to our instructions for use.

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