Which maximum of vehicle weight can I lift with the flat-jack?

Answer: you can lift caravans, folding caravans or campers up to 7500 kgs with the flat-jack. The weight of most normal campers is around 3500 kgs, so in practice the flat-jack lifts almost all campers, also even bigger ones, easily. Attention: the flat-jack lifts vehicles up to 7500 kgs, which means that per wheel the flat-jack lifts (in case of a 4 wheel camper) 7500/4=1875 kgs, which is easily sufficient for almost all campers. Caravans or folding caravans are often much less in overall vehicle weight (500 to 2500 kgs) and often have only 2 wheels. This means that your caravan may weigh 2×1875=3750 kgs in total at maximum, which is far more than most caravans weigh, so the flat-jack lifts all caravans and folding caravans also very easily.

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