What are the advantages of the flat-jack versus my classic ramps which I have used already for 30 years and which are hated by my wife also for 30 years already?

Answer: the ramps for leveling recreational vehicles are indeed on the market for more than even 50 years. The flat-jack is the first modern alternative which has many advantages:

  1. Biggest advantage of the flat-jack: not driving on a slope of the ramp, but driving on a simple flat cushion of the flat-jack, so far more easy to mount.
  2. Second advantage of the flat-jack: level much more detailed, even on the millimeter, because the flat-jack operates with air, which is stepless. You can be perfectly horizontal.
  3. Third advantage: you drive on the flat flat-jack, inflate the flat-jack, and ready. You never have to relocate the flat-jack anymore, like with the ramps. With a flat-jack you are directly on the right spot. You only have to pump for reaching the right height and that’s it.
  4. Fourth advantage: the flat-jack has a big surface, so she does not sink in the mud like ramps. Digging out the flat-jacks is not necessary. And driving off the flat-jacks in wet circumstances is far more easy, because the flat-jack is 66 cm long, so you have a long runway to get out of the muddy ground.
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