The company where I bought my flat-jacks, does not accept my guarantee claim.

This might happen if you buy the flat-jack at other companies than ours, as official importer. In that case you cannot claim guarantee at our place, but only at the company where you bought your flat-jack. Most foreign dealers or parallel/grey importing dealers do not give guarantee, and do not know the flat-jack product in detail like us. They only sell, and are mostly not there to help you afterwards in a guarantee case. Also they often deliver the 6 cm high flat-jacks instead of the better 12 cm ones that we deliver, and they do not tell you or even say they do the 12 cm versions but deliver the 6 cm ones. So beware and never buy there!

Out advice: just buy your flat-jack directly at us as official importer, then you are sure of the official works 2 year flat-jack guarantee and serious support!

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