My camper was not completely in the middle on the flat-jack and now the weld seam has been torn apart. Is this a guarantee case?

Answer: Always take care that your camper/caravan/folding caravan is exactly in the middle of your flat-jack. Both in length and in width in the middle. If this is not the case, the load of your vehicle (thousands of kgs) is all focused on one side and can make the weld seam break. This is not a guarantee case, because the instructions for use are clear: put your vehicle exactly in the middle of the flat-jack, so each weld seam (front and back side, right and left side) of your flat-jack is burdened equally by the load. If you have an exploded weld seam, this indicates you either pumped the flat-jack with pressure over the maximum of 1.2 bar or you were not centered in the middle on the flat-jack, so one weld seam was more burdened than the other.

We regret that this has happened to you. That is why we, as flat-jack importer, will make you an appropriate offer, if you send us your flat-jack invoice of us. You can ask for this offer through our contact form on our website.

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