At lowering the flat-jack, I turned the valve cap completely off the valve instead of partly. Now my flat-jack cannot be stored completely flat anymore. Is this a guarantee case?

Answer: when the valve cap is completely turned loose from the valve, it may happen that the flat-jack, under the force of the recreational vehicle, is lowered too fast. This means that all the air in the flat-jack is forced out of the little valve with extreme pressure. This may result in an extra alternative pressure on the inner partitions of the flat-jack. These partitions can then rest partly upright instead of move completely down when the flat-jack is lowered. Your flat-jack keeps on functioning without a problem and inflating is just like always, but storing your flat-jack completely flat is not possible. The motto is: Just follow the instructions for use and let the flat-jack lower gradually. Do not take the valve cap completely off the flat-jack at lowering procedure, but only unscrew the valve cap partially to let the air flow out of the flat-jack gradually. Just like you do when you lower the flat-jack a little at leveling your vehicle. Also lower your vehicle at the end of your stay like this, until she is completely on the flat flat-jack. Then you can store your flat-jack flat. This is not a guarantee case, because you have to follow the instructions for use.

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