Is a mini-compressor better or worse than a bike pump for inflating the flat-jack?

Answer: a mini-compressor is more comfortable, because she takes less energy which is good, the more so in warm holiday/summer weather, but a compressor is more risky than a bike pump. During the pumping process with a mini-compressor, the pumping person can be distracted by a mobile phone for example. During the telephone call the compressor just keeps on pumping, and people can forget the compressor, which then over-inflates the flat-jack in the end. This can result in an exploding flat-jack, if the mini-compressor pumps her up above 1.2 bar.

Answer: in the flat-jack you will find an IN valve. This is exactly the same valve like in your car wheel, so the flat-jack has a universal valve. With any bike pump, foot pump or mini-compressor you can inflate your flat-jack on this universal IN valve. Attention: almost all modern bike pumps have a double adapter. One side for bike tyre pumping and the other side for car tyre pumping. The flat-jack is inflated with the car tyre pumping side of your bike pump.

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