Can I also stand on stones and rocks with the flat-jack?

Answer: always remove big stones and rocks before you put the flat-jack in place.

Answer: yes, you can stand with your flat-jack directly on small river stones and gravel campings. The flat-jack material is polyurethane, which is resistant to small river stones and gravel. Even with a heavy camper of 7500 kgs you can use the flat-jacks on these gravel campings. But we always advise our clients to prevent the flat-jack from a leak caused by too sharp stones, by putting a protective mat (floor mat or carpet tile) under the flat-jack. Between the stones there could be a piece of glass or a tent herring, so it is always wise to protect your flat-jack.

Answer: no, even children of 6 or 7 years old can pump up a heavy 7500 kgs camper, because the flat-jack only needs 1.2 bar (17 psi) of pressure since the flat-jack has a big surface which lifts the camper easily at little pressure. With a simple bike pump you pump up a normale bike’s tyre at 4 to 5 bar pressure, so pumping up a flat-jack with only 1.2 bar of pressure is far more light and easy as pumping up a bike’s tyre. Ideal.

Answer: only 1.2 bar (17 psi) of pressure is needed for the flat-jack to pump her up to the maximum height of 12 cms. This is a quarter of the pressure that is needed for a simple bicycle (which needs 4 to 5 bar of pressure). This is because the flat-jack cushion has a big surface, which makes that only little pressure is needed to lift big weight vehicles like a camper on this big cushion. That is the lovely property of air. With a lot of square cms (like the flat-jack) air lifts gigantic weights of vehicles easily.

Answer: the flat-jack can be stored fantastically flat if the air is out of the flat-jack. The dimensions of the flat-jack are: 66x43x0.5cm. And she can be folded, which makes the dimensions even better at 33x43x1.0cm. Even folding again is possible, which leads to 16.5x43x2.0cm. In this way the folded flat-jack even fits into your upper cabinet of most caravans and campers., But also under your caravan or camper seats the flat-jack is easily storeable. This is a big volume gain with the flat-jack versus the big and voluminous classic ramps which you can leave at home now, or just sell them.

Answer: you can lift caravans, folding caravans or campers up to 7500 kgs with the flat-jack. The weight of most normal campers is around 3500 kgs, so in practice the flat-jack lifts almost all campers, also even bigger ones, easily. Attention: the flat-jack lifts vehicles up to 7500 kgs, which means that per wheel the flat-jack lifts (in case of a 4 wheel camper) 7500/4=1875 kgs, which is easily sufficient for almost all campers. Caravans or folding caravans are often much less in overall vehicle weight (500 to 2500 kgs) and often have only 2 wheels. This means that your caravan may weigh 2×1875=3750 kgs in total at maximum, which is far more than most caravans weigh, so the flat-jack lifts all caravans and folding caravans also very easily.

Answer: the flat-jack lifts your camping vehicle at maximum 12 cms. The (old-fashioned) ramps only reach 8 to 10 cms, so you will be higher on the flat-jacks than with these classic ramp levelers. So the result is that you can stand on your most favourite place on the camping, even with a high slope, which was not possible with the old ramps, but is possible with the flat-jacks.

Answer: with the flat-jack you can level your caravan, folding caravan, or camper until she is exactly horizontal, if you are on a slope on a camping or even outside the camping area. You can then sleep horizontal without rolling over each other in your bed. You avoid water in your sink which keeps standing in a corner. And you can cook perfectly horizontal on a level surface.

On normal campings the following amount of flat-jacks is sufficient:

Normal camper (with 4 wheels) 2 flat-jacks needed to lift the 2 lowest wheels on the slope, in order to level your camper Normal caravan or folding caravan (with 2 wheels) 1 flat-jack needed to lift the lowest wheel on the slope, in order to level your (folding) caravan Big camper (with 6 wheels, tandem-axle camper, 1 front axle and 2 back axles) 3 flat-jacks needed to lift the lowest wheels on the slope, in order to level your tandem-axle camper Big caravan (with 4 wheels tandem-axle caravan with 2 axles) 2 flat-jacks needed to lift the lowest wheels on the slope, in order to level your tandem-axle caravan Big camper (with 6 wheels, 1 front axle with 2 wheels and 1 back axle with 4 wheels, the so-called twin wheels) 3 flat-jacks needed to lift the lowest wheels on the slope, in order to [...]
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