Can I inflate the flat-jack with a bike pump or with a compressor or can I also use other inflating devices?

Answer: in the flat-jack you will find an IN valve. This is exactly the same valve like in your car wheel, so the flat-jack has a universal valve. With any bike pump, foot pump or mini-compressor you can inflate your flat-jack on this universal IN valve. Attention: almost all modern bike pumps have a double adapter. One side for bike tyre pumping and the other side for car tyre pumping. The flat-jack is inflated with the car tyre pumping side of your bike pump.

Answer: no, even children of 6 or 7 years old can pump up a heavy 7500 kgs camper, because the flat-jack only needs 1.2 bar (17 psi) of pressure since the flat-jack has a big surface which lifts the camper easily at little pressure. With a simple bike pump you pump up a normale bike’s tyre at 4 to 5 bar pressure, so pumping up a flat-jack with only 1.2 bar of pressure is far more light and easy as pumping up a bike’s tyre. Ideal.

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