Multicompressor RETC6000

What is this Multicompressor?

The Multicompressor is a multifunctional compressor, which is rechargeable and can therefore be used without a cord. This enables you to walk around your car, caravan or camper without being tied to a cord. With the Multicompressor, you are free to inflate anything: flat jacks, car tires, bicycle tires, camper tires, caravan tires, air mattresses, balls, inflatable tents, swimming tires, inflatables, rubber boats, swimming pools, etc. All in all, the Multicompressor makes the life of campers a lot more comfortable and is also very useful for hobbyists.

How does the Multicompressor work?

The Multicompressor can inflate a car tire in just two minutes (usually 1 to 2 minutes, depending on the size of the tire). It comes with both an air compressor setting for tires (lower round button in position 1) as well as an air pump setting for air mattresses (position 2). The Multicompressor is able to inflate a single person air mattress within just two minutes.

What is included?

The Multicompressor comes with a LED light to make the inflation process more visible and thus safer at night. It also contains an extra storage compartment with a 10-piece adapter set for inflating car tires, bicycle tires, motorcycle tires, balls, air mattresses, etc. You can carry the Multicompressor around easily by its carrying handle and the Multicompressor carrying bag that’s included.

How do I use the Multicompressor?

The large backlit screen is easy to read, which will be very useful when arriving at a campsite in the dark. The auto-stop function helps you to inflate accurately: you set a maximum number of bars yourself, for example a maximum of 1.2 bar for the flat jack. Simply turn the upper round button/dial to the desired pressure push this button to set. Then press the big inflator button all below on your Multicompressor. The pump stops automatically at the maximum bar number which you just set. Units can be displayed in PSI, kPA or bar, at your choice. Ideal for campers and road trip fanatics!

What are the advantages of a Multicompressor?

The Multicompressor is extremely versatile. The flat design ensures stability during use. The long cable and air hose can reach tires around even larger vehicles. The cable runs easily and neatly in the back of the compressor after usage. The air nozzle is made of durable brass that enables long-term repeated use. The large on/off switch on the front makes the Multicompressor easy to operate, even with your foot (which will be convenient especially on the camping site).

More useful features, including an integrated power bank!

The Multicompressor has an integrated power bank, ideal for charging phones and other devices. The Multicompressor is rechargeable by a built-in Lithium-ion battery and comes with a 220V plug and 12V adapter so you can always charge. This Multicompressor can be used wirelessly all around your car (or other inflatable object) or by using a 12V socket in the car.

All in all, the Multicompressor is a must have for all campers and road trip fanatics. We took the Multicompressor to our flat-jack stand at some camping fairs to see whether customers would be interested in the product. This resulted in a massive interest for the product and a lot of purchases, and therefore the Multicompressor is now also available online at our flat-jack webshop!

Order this Multicompressor separately or order it in addition to your flat-jack order! The price of this super-handy Multicompressor is 99.95 euros incl. VAT. A nice matching gift for anyone who already has a flat jack from us or is going to buy a flat jack from us!

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  • Multicompressor RING RETC6000

    Multicompressor RING RETC6000

    99,95 including VAT
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