Flat-jack tyre protection set

This flat-jack tyre protection set consists of 4 tyre cushions, which are developed for oldtimers, youngtimers, and sportscars to be used during winter storage, for example in a garage, in a classic car collection or in a showroom.

1. Why use flat-jacks for winter storage?

Many oldtimers and sportscars are stored in a barn or garage during winter, mostly from October until March, so around 6 months storage time. Often these stored vehicles get flattened out tyres on the part of the tyre that is on the ground for a long time. The car touches the ground normally with around 10% of the tyre surface (first picture) and gets flattened by the high vehicle weight pushing her on the ground on this limited 1 spot area which gets full pressure from the car.

Tyre directly on the ground: 10% of contact surface, so lots of vehicle weight pushing down on a small part of the tyre, and so flattening on that 10% part of the tyre.

To prevent those square (flattened) tyres, there are flat-jacks for winter storage of oldtimers and sportscars. With the flat-jacks the tyres have a contact surface of 25 to 30% (instead of 10% without the flat-jacks, when tyre is directly on the ground). So with flat-jacks square tyres are impossible (second picture).

Tyre supported by the flat-jack: 25 to 30% contact surface, so the vehicle weight is spread over a far larger part of the tyre. Using the flat-jacks results in no flattening parts on your tyres anymore!

Buying a set of new tyres is expensive (a set of new tyres for sportscars will cost easily between 500 and 2000 euros!), and the flat-jacks prevent you from having to buy new tyres. Cost saving, so your flat-jacks which can be used for years and years, are a good investment with a solid return on investment in terms of no new tyre purchase!

Also the flat-jacks keep your car off the ground, so the quality of your tyres does not diminish, because they rest on the flat-jacks instead of on the cold, snowy or icy ground.

Flat-jack tyre protection set – S/M/L
Flat-jack tyre protection set – S/M/L
Flat-jack tyre protection set – S/M/L
2. In which measures our flat-jack protection sets are available?

The flat-jack tyre protection sets are available in 3 measures: Small, Medium and Large.

  • Small: until tyre width 195 mm
  • Medium: until tyre width 255 mm
  • Large: until tyre width 345 mm

Example: if your tyres show the measure 195 65 14, then your tyre width is 195 mm, so you can use the flat-jack measure Small for the winter storage of your car.

Flat-jack tyre protection set – S/M/L
3. Handy advice at the choice of your flat-jacks regarding your tyre width:

Advice 1: sometimes the tyre width on your front axle tyres is smaller then on your back axle, so always check all the 4 tyre widths of your car. Always choose the 4 flat-jacks in the same size, so for the largest tyre width, which is mostly the back axle tyre width.

Advice 2: if you change cars regularly, then we advise you to always choose the flat-jacks Large, which always fit any car, so you are ready for any future car of your dreams, which can have larger tyres than your current car, so you can always keep on enjoying your flat-jacks!

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  • Flat-jack tyre protection set – 4 pieces

    Flat-jack tyre protection set – 4 pieces

    These flat-jack tyre protection set prevents your tyres from getting square. These so-called square tyres are caused by local pressure of the vehicle weight on a small area of your tyre which is on the ground for a long time during winter storage. Square tyres can spoil your driving pleasure, because of vibrations. Flat-jack lengthens the lifespan of your car tyres by putting them in a cushion which supports the tyre.Flat-jacks for winter storage of oldtimers, youngtimers, and sportscars are available in 3 measures:Small: until tyre width 195 mm Medium: until tyre width 255 mm Large: until tyre width 345 mmExample: if your tyres read 195 65 14, then your tyre width is 195 mm and you can use the flat-jack Small.
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Payment methods

Payment of the flat-jack you can do easily with the payment method of your choice:

  • Ideal (all Dutch banks like ABN Amro Bank,, ASN bank, ING Bank, Knab, Rabobank, Regiobank, SNS Bank, Triodos bank, etc.)
  • credit cards (ViSA, Mastercard, American Express, CartaSi, CB Cartes Bancaires)
  • Bancontact
  • Sofortbanking
  • SEPA
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • KBC/CBC Payment button
  • Belfius Direct Net
  • Przelewy24
  • MyBank
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